I made this for a meet up this month. The jacket makes me feel strong and elegant and I love it!


I made this for a meet up this month. The jacket makes me feel strong and elegant and I love it!

You are the cutest and you are wonderful oh my god. princess-sparkle-butt

Lol thank you! I feel like I just unlocked an achievement. 

you are absolutely beautiful and inspiring, keep it up! <3 female-antagonist

Thank you and thank you for the encouragement I will try to keep it up <3 

I saw one of your posts in the DIY tag and I went through your whole blog. Your outfits are AMAZING! *-* And you're extremely beautiful!! <3 baronikka

Thanks for looking through my whole blog and thinking my outfits are amazing and thinking I’m extremely beautiful. When I’m having a bad day I need to read your comment or when I’m having an awesome day I need to read your comment. *warm fuzzies* 

Hi Sequoyah! My name is Jamie, and I just discovered your blog and wanted to tell you how freakin' adorable you are. Did you make your lemon creme pie dress yourself? Also, what are the odds on getting a tutorial on how you did those shoes? ~Sincerely, a fellow craftaholic. scribblersscabs

Hi Jamie and thank you! I did make that dress ^_^. The odds are very high because it”s already on the list of videos I will be making but in short it’s caulk piped on shoes like frosting on cake.

Update: Hello everyone I just wanted to say something about why I haven’t  posted anything on here nor on youtube in like a month. I have been busy with working, traveling, and being sick. Part of being sick is my fault because sometimes I push myself to the edge by not sleeping and eating way too much junk food or not eating at enough. Moving forward I’m going to bump my health up on my list of priorities, travel less (maybe), and manage my time better with work. I will be back into the swing of things shortly, let’s say some time this week. I know this is just Tumblr but thank you for all the lovely comments. It kind of amazes me that so many people like what I make and/or me and it encourages me to do more and take on more challenging projects. I love you guys. 

I was looking through the diy tag, and you and your outfits look really pretty! heartstrinq

Thank you! ^-^

I finally took pictures of one of my favorite dresses despite the rain and despite them being taken on a camera phone. This makes me think of lemon creme cake but it doesn’t take much for me to think about cake :P
Dress: handmade
Shoes: here
Hair flowers: handmade
Everything else was purchased or gifted
For more detail check out my blog post here. FYI I’m new to blogging to bear with me while I learn.
Cool adventure time cosplay ^_^ wingsforicarus

Thanks ^_^


Thank you and thank you. I shall try my best to continue to amaze, lol.

Hi! I've wanted to cosplay Fionna forever, and I've figured I could crochet the backpack and hat myself, but how did you go about making the sword? scarefinacastaway

I have noticed that it’s mostly black men who hate on me for cosplay and/or see me as a sex object. Now I understand why so black women who like cosplay or alternative fashions don’t date or like black guys. I have a wonderful boyfriend who happens to be black (but I don’t care what color he is) and isn’t like that so I just want to say don’t black list all black guys. ;) Remember bad guys come in all colors and good guys come in all colors.

For those of you who are interested I did a tutorial in my Rainbow Eyes Look.

At the last convention I attended I went to and worked in my first convention maid/butler cafe. I didn’t get a chance to take pictures at the cafe or even at the convention so these are taking outside at the apartments I live in. 

I made my dress, apron, headband, all bows, and wrist cuffs which I didn’t wear at the cafe because I thought they looked obnoxious. 

So these pictures are in a file called “Bad Makeup”. Maybe a month or so ago I did a makeup test on making my eyes look bigger (circle lens +big lashes) and the pictures scared me then made me laugh. Now looking at them they do still seem over the top but kind of cute. I don’t know if I’ll ever do this again but it was fun and I thought I’d share.

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